Most Popular Nepalese Food You Must Try

most popular food in Nepal

Are you planning a trip to Nepal and want to learn about popular food in Nepal? If so, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, I have compiled a list of the most popular foods you must try in Nepal.

Nepali cuisine offers a wide range of tastes to savor as the country is socially and gastronomically diverse; however, in this blog, I am focusing on the most common and readily available Nepalese food you can find at restaurants, street food stalls, and local markets throughout Nepal.

So if you want to experience the culinary culture of Nepal truly, be sure to make an effort to find and try some of the country’s famous dishes below.

These are the most popular foods in Nepal you must try!

1. Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat is a staple dish in Nepal consisting of rice (Bhat) and lentil soup (dal) served with various vegetables or meat.

Almost every Nepalese person consumes this dish twice a day. There is usually a vegetable curry (tarkari) served alongside the dish as well as pickles (achar).It is the perfect balance of carbohydrates, protein, and other essential nutrients.

Nothing is more satisfying and comforting than this meal. So, remember to try our staple food, “Dal Bhat” in Nepal.

2. Dhedo

dhedo -Most popular food in Nepal

Dedho is a typical dish in Nepal, widely consumed in the Himalayan or hilly region of Nepal. The main ingredients are flour and water. Flour can vary from millet flour, buckwheat flour, or corn flour.

It is usually served with any curry of your choice and with lentil soup. It tastes great with meat curries or with Nepali achar (pickle).

The technique of eating dedho is different than the rice. Make a small roll with a finger and dip it without swallowing it.

It is a unique type of dish and worth a try in Nepal.

3. Sel Roti

sel roti

Sel roti is a traditional Nepali bread made from rice flour, sugar, and ghee and shaped into a circular form and the popular food in Nepal.

Sel roti is deep-fried until golden brown and has a crispy exterior and a soft, fluffy center. It is a popular food in Nepal and is enjoyed by people of all ages.

The dish is usually served as a snack or meal, often with curry dishes or Nepali tea. Sel roti is especially popular during special occasions such as festivals and celebrations.

You should try this delicious and unique food that is part of our country’s rich cultural heritage!

4. Sukuti

Sukuti- Most popular food in Nepal

Sukuti is a common food in Nepal. It is prepared by marinating slices of raw meat in a mixture of spices, drying it in the sun for a day or two, and smoking it in the above fire for days.

The meat of choice for Sukuti is usually buffalo or goat. It is cooked with vegetables as a curry or just by itself and is chewy in texture with smoky flavor. It is one of my favorite food and a must-try dish in Nepal.

5. Momo

momo- popular food in Nepal

Momos are Nepalese dumplings made with flour and vegetarian or meat filling served with spicy dipping sauce. A dipping sauce adds another layer of flavor to momos.

It is one of Nepal’s most famous street food and one of my favorite food. There are various types of momo in Nepal, like vegetarian momo, chicken, pork, and buff momo; however, the most popular is buff momo, made with buffalo meat. Momos are readily available everywhere, from street stalls to fine-dining restaurants.

It’s a must-try food in Nepal. You can find it in various forms, including steamed and fried. You can try chilly momo or sadeko momo if you prefer spicy foods.

6. Chowmein


Nepali chowmein is a popular noodle dish. It is made with thin stir-fried noodles and various vegetables, meat, and spices cooked with soy sauce and other seasonings.

Additionally, it is a satisfying and convenient meal that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Along with momos, it is a popular street food in Nepal and can be found at many food stalls and restaurants.

You can find various chowmein options, including vegetarian and meat ones (mixed, pork, egg, chicken, and buff). Don’t hesitate to give it a go!

7. Newari platter

Newari platter

The Newari platter is a traditional dish of a Newar community consisting of several small dishes served together on a single platter. “Newari” is often used to describe things specific to the Newar culture, such as food, festivals, and other cultural practices.

It is a great way to experience the diverse and flavorful cuisine of the Newar people, known for their rich culinary traditions.

The items included in a Newari platter can vary, but it typically consists of various dishes such as curries, pickles, meats, and vegetables. Most Newari platter consists of the following:

Bara, choila, and chatamari are all available separately as well. These dishes are served individually or as a side dish on a Newari platter. Don’t miss out on these dishes!

8. Yamari


Nepal has many sweet dishes, but if you want something different, try Yamari.

Yamari is a traditional sweet dessert of the Newari community but enjoyed by all Nepalese people.

It is made from rice flour and various sweet fillings, including coconut, sesame seeds, and molasses (Chakku), and cooked by steaming.


To summarize, Nepal has a rich and varied food culture reflected in its cuisine. The foods listed above are a part of the Nepali people’s everyday food culture and the most popular food in Nepal.

Many delicious dishes are worth trying, from savory momos to spicy chowmein. This is a great way to get a taste of Nepalese cuisine!

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